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The Forest Preserve Users Snowmobile Club was formed in the early 1960's with the idea of developing a snowmobile trail system in the Fulton County section of the Adirondack Forest Preserve. The Club originally had a club house at Crystal Lake just north of Oppenhiem, NY. Due to the location of the club house the club also became unofficially known as the "Crystal Lake Snowmobile Club".

At one time the club house was the gathering place for snowmobilers from throughout the state, to meet, have fundraisers and even host dog sled races. Although the club was very successful in there venture, the lack of snow and the economic times of the early 1980's forced the club to sell off the club house and property. The remaining few members of the club continued to meet at members houses and taverns. In the early 1990's a group of snowmobilers saw the need for an organized snowmobile trail system throughout Montgomery County. This led to the rebirth of the Forest Preserve Users as we know it today.

Starting the restructuring with less than 10 members, the club has now grown to well over 200 members with over 100 miles of Class A groomed trails and near that many miles of secondary trails in five townships in western Montgomery County. Members of the Forest Preserve Users have also been fundamental in the development of a County Association which has helped to develop trails throughout Montgomery and surrounding counties as well as becoming heavily involved with the New York State Snowmobile Association.

The Forest Preserve Users are proud members of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce as well as a Member Club of the New York State Snowmobile Association.

For locations of snowmobile safety training courses please go to our link to the New York State Office of Parks HERE

Important Info Regarding Your Sled Registration - CLICK HERE

It is also time to start preparing trails for the upcoming season. If you see a trail or bridge that needs repair please contact the trail coordinator in your town.

Three Groomers for Sale

We have three groomers for sale, we have upgraded our fleet and want to sell some of our groomers. All of these machines are currently working on our trail system of 150 miles(when we have snow) and are very good working condition. We want to sell two out of the three groomers since we have already purchased a newer groomer, These machines are perfect and affordable for clubs that have sled drags now are are thinking of moving their trail system up to class A trails(more money per mile). Anyone interested please e-mail or call Dan Clancy at challstein@roadrunner.com or 518-857-5202. If we get more snow you can take them for a ride.

1974 SV 301 Bombardier with approx. 1500 hrs on meter(not working) 4cyl. Perkins diesel, 9' ramsteer single blade drag with wheels, with brake assist, 29" tracks tracks are in very good condition, three remotes out back. Six way detachable front plow blade. Machine is a easy machine to run,and has been grooming for us for 12 years, with very few problems. Asking $10,000 negotiable.

1980 252 Bombardier with approx. 8000 hrs. motor was completely rebuilt 3 years ago and has approx. 100 hrs. on rebuild, tracks are 35" and new belting put on tracks three years ago, drag is a 10' wide ramsteer 5 blade with adjustable pan, wheels were added for road crossings, Tractor has 4 sets of remotes out back, detachable front six way blade,John Deere heated electric fuel system was added. This is a very good machine that has done a lot for our club. Asking $15,000 negotiable.

1985 252 Bombardier ($10,000 negotiable) with approx. 400 hrs on meter, 4cyl. Perkins diesel, with a 8' 6" Gilbert pintel hook 4 blade drag, Six way detachable plow blade, 29" tracks are in very good condition, two sets of remotes out back. This machine has been with our club for four years now and we have had very few problems, in all a very good machine.

Future club meetings will be held at the Canajoharie Moose,
first Monday of the month, 7:30 PM
Last breakfast will be held Sunday, March 3,2013 from 7am-12noon @ Canajoharie Moose, Erie Blvd-

Hope to see you there.

Also Monthly Meeting to be held Monday, March 4th @ 7:30pm-Canajoharie Moose, Erie Blvd

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